PRADA pink cellphone holder

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  1. heyy guys...i just wanna share this with you guys...Isn't the cellphone holder too cute to be trueeee....:love: and it's on SALE!!!!i want to get it so bad...should i?..i'm afraid it won't fit my pink razor..=(
  2. looks nice :biggrin: i saw a dark neon pink made with crocodile skin. but i lost the link. D:
  3. I have that case in black - if it's the same size. It's probably too wide and too narrow for the razr. Check the measurements though..
  4. Very cute:biggrin:
  5. i have the pink razr too! yay pink razr club. :smile: that cellphone holder is so cute! i don't think it'll fit the razr though. how much is it?
  6. i knoww!!it's sooooo adorablee...i think it's too big for the pink's about $120 i thinkk...check it out at
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