Prada Messenger Bag

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  1. This is gonna be my first Prada... I really have zero Prada knowledge. Need help here.
    Anyone knows the model number for this particular Prada messenger in dark brown and any idea where is it available??


    I saw it sometime last month at Neiman Marcus! But when i went again yesterday, it was no longer available.
  2. Bluefly carries a lot of the messenger style Pradas. They have black nylons right now, but I believe they get some browns once in a while. Here's one - not exact same style as you posted and it's black, but it's a great price:

    The have brown right now, but not in nylon and for a lot more :

    Also try Rafaello Network... they have a lot of nylons right now in wonderful colors.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks Marose, can't find it at the websites..
    Do you think its because the dark brown is a past season item or something?