Prada Experts.... please help!!!

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Mar 30, 2008
PRADA Experts... please help!!!
Hello to all...:yes: sorry if I am not doing it so well as I am new in this forum (as a member) but I have been reading in all your discussions here before.:tup:
I would like to ask the PRADA EXPERTS :tup:to help me to authenticate this "Prada, St. Eskimesi Sport bag". I bought/won it on Ebay for £96.00 (+p&p). I like the bag as it is quite sporty and unique..quite cute actually. Reason being I am here is the tag inside says its 'MADE IN CHINA':confused1:... I dont have a vast collection of designer bags but I do have a few and I never known designer bags to be made in china!!! Not prada!!! Its has engraved 'prada' on all four buckles of the bag. Zips on all three says riri (DE), single button (more like popperr) has engraved prada. I have taken pics the best I can for you experts to see it properly. I also included the dustbag, which looks really horrible!!!. The seller hasnt sent me the authenticity cards, not that it matters so much as it can be faked anyway... I am more concerned about this bag being authentic. It hasnt cost me much but thinking about it, my maximum bid for this bag was actually £250, but it only went for £96.00. The seller claims that there are major manufacturers out there apparently uses labour in china to avail cheaper prices. I know a few like UGG and juicy couture as I have them myself but I dont think prada does, or does it?:s I wanted to return the bag because I was doubtful and was not convinced that its authentic, not to mentioned that it was actually sold as new with tags and all authenticity cards... but when I received it, the dustbag looks AWFUL:wtf:.... the tag inside 'china'.... and the authenticity cards, none!!!. I was going to submit for dispute over paypal and ebay over this but he said that he will only refund if I can proved that the product is fake... he told me to take the bag to prada (which is very unlikely as I dont have the time to do it) or to take it here, in your forum.... oh by the way, he says he bought the bag from space shopping outlet in tuscany, italy (but I think he's lying). He's not also truthful of his real location.... plus I also bought/won another item from him which is supposedly new with tags but again, no tags and has got marks all over it. I dont want to report him yet as I might be wrong, perhaps you could help???:sad:

Please note that pictures of this bag is actually on my other thread below...tnx
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