Prada Celebrates NM's 100th Anniversary in Style!

  1. Check out the bag that Prada has designed to commemorate NM's 100th Anniversary! It is gorgeous!

    It is described as a Prada pink crocodile clutch. There is a detachable luggage tag that says "Prada for Neiman Marcus" in gold hardware. It is stunning! Check it out! My SA, Lisa Hamlin, just sent me pics (Troy, MI 248-635-8442)
  2. cool JAG!
    Whats the damage on this baby?.....????!
  3. I am too afraid to ask, because I love it! I can find out for you though! Will post it later!
  4. Yes, I'd LOVE to know the $$$ signs on this puppy. :wtf:
  5. That clutch is GORGEOUS!!
  6. hhmmm, it's divine but I'm sure the price isn't!
  7. OMG its beautiful !!
  8. Gorgeous!
  9. UPDATE!!!!

    The Prada crocodile clutch will retail at $8,990. :push:
    It will be available in Pink, Black, Grey, and Gold. Again , the little luggage tag is detachable.
  10. Ha! My guess was only $,1010.00 off!
  11. Sheesh! :wtf: Jill - don't even think about it! Its way too expensive! :push:
  12. The pink is so pretty, but the price tag :tdown:
  13. whoa! but yeah price :tdown:. Beautiful though:drool: I saw a black croc today but it didnt say anything on it, maybe it was flipped over. Do they also have a regular black croc clutch?
  14. Whoah!!!! That bag is nice but not THAT nice...Stunning though...
  15. trust me....I would NEVER spend that much on ONE BAG!!!LOL!....