Prada cashmere-worth the cost?

  1. Does anyone have any experience with Prada cashmere? My main concerns would be piling and durability over the years.

    I have my eye on a simple long black turtleneck....about $550.00 US. What would diferentiate it from from J. Crew?
  2. I can't speak from experience, but I doubt there's that big a difference. ALL cashmere pills eventually.
  3. Thanks claireZk-

    Has anybody owned any Prada cashmere?
  4. i would not do it. i would go to a cashmere house for that kind of money (like malo, loro piana etc) with prada you are paying more for the name less for the quality when it comes to their cashmere.and since it is a basic there is no design involved that is prada typical (love prada designs) so better go for quality from a brand that specialises in cashmere
  5. Thanks Lilach-

    That is great advice....I'm looking at Tse now.
  6. Personally, I do not like cashemere. It can be very itchy if you have sensitive skin and then there's the issue of washing it! You can't just put it in the washing maschine and even if you hand wash it, you still have to find a way to get it dry without ruining its shape. To me all that hassle is NOT worth more than $100 -
  7. ^Cheaper cashmere does tend to be itchy. 2-ply cashmere is very different. It is soooo soft.

    My favorite cashmere sweaters are ones I got at Marshall's. They were originally $300, but they were marked down to $49 and $79.

    $500 just seems like too much to pay for a turtleneck IMHO (even if it is Prada).
  8. I would go for the prada if it was a special/unique Prada design, otherwise go for specialised cashmere brands like loro piana, tse, can get a good cashmere sweater for $300
  9. Neiman Marcus also has a very nice 2-ply cashmere sweater...many styles and colors. It is their house brand. I was lucky enough to snag a black one at "Last Call." Very nice. The are regularly priced between $250-300.

  10. There is also a brand called Griffin that makes really nice 2-ply sweaters that are very reasonably priced.
  11. I adore cashmere!

    I have a prada short-sleeved sweater, just plain jane beige. Honestly, NOT worth the $$$. I mean, it's nice and all but there are so many other options

    Loro Piana is the absolute best, nice selection and always always top quality

    Malo a bit cheaper, also good but can be a tad boring

    Ballantyne, traditionally english, can be funky and a bit eccentric, also great quality

    Lucien Pellat Finet - very expensive but if you're looking for a sweater with a difference and youthful appeal, go for it, but can cost like 2500$

    There are also cheaper brands, like Pringle of scotland, Heartbreaker cashmere, Braude, Ralph Lauren, TSE.

    Than there is supercheap like Uniqlo and they're not actually bad.

    But again, if you want lasting-power and not just a famous name, go for companies that specialise in knitwear. ;)
  12. I also think Ralph Lauren Black Label makes nice cashmere.
  13. I don't know...I personally don't own any Prada cashmere, but from what I felt, it hasn't been that impressive to me. I would also go for a company that specializes in knitwear like mozzerlla suggested and find a good quality that is priced more according to quality than name.
  14. agreed ..if it is plain one,buy brands suggested but if it has a great design then buy Prada one

    buy for the design,not for the quality in this case:wlae:
  15. :greengrin:Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the help!

    The Prada one is sold by Saks, and it's actually over $600.00. I liked it because it is very, very long in the torso and I am tall. For that kind of money it has to be incredible, and after hearing your opinions i'm going to keep looking.

    Thank you for all the great ideas. I love Loro Piana! The bags, the clothing...everything. Unfortunately, I have more of a Tse budget... ;)