Prada Cahier bag? OMG coolest bag I've had in a loooong time

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  1. Thank you for responding. The others are lovely, but something about this one....just drastically different than anything else out there. And it's so hard to find a great white bag. The phone SA said this was nearly their biggest seller of all time (meaning time to sell out), and they will have to produce more. I think worth the wait!!
  2. Caramel and black is my favourite, stunning and a little bit rock chick!
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  3. Yes, the white one is stunning!

    My wife was able to order it on Prada's site.
    Even though the Chicago Flagship store said it was sold out..
  4. Oh you are so so lucky. When was that? It's completely gone on the site. Not even pictures anymore! They tried to get one from Italy but couldn't. I will be in Europe next week, maybe I will come across one. Post pics!
  5. Oh never mind.. she got the White & Black version.

    Just got it in the mail today!

  6. And that one is beautiful for sure!! Did you see a pic of the all white one?
  7. Yes, I saw the photo!
    All white looks nice, but my wife says she would be too worried to get an all white version
  8. They both look absolutely beautiful. I must admit, I like the blue one a lot! :love:

    If you don't mind me asking, is the bag quite heavy? It looks like it might be heavy from the hardwear
  9. Just purchased this at the Prada store. The caramel and black. Gorgeous. Looks even better in person. Great quality and craftsmanship. I'm not a huge Prada fan...thought their bags were a bit basic and uninspired. But this one really stands out. Structured but not so boxy that nothing fits inside other than a chapstick. Love it and can't wait to carry it through the fall! ☺
  10. It's actually quite light. I was surprised. Thought it would be heavier with the metal detailing.
  11. White's the way to go, Did you get it?
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  12. They were gone gone gone
  13. It reminds me a lot of the Louis Vuitton - Le Talentueux bag from Marc Jacobs' reign. The good ol' days.
    Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 1.57.33 PM.png
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  14. Very cool - congrats!
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  15. Has anyone tried spraying leather protectant on their white Cahier? How is it wearing over the past few months?

    I'm about to become the proud owner of the white and black one! Am considering spraying it with my Apple Garde or Cadillac Leather Shield.