Prada Cahier bag? OMG coolest bag I've had in a loooong time

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  1. Hey guys -

    My first time on the Prada forum. I am taking a wee break from Chanel and going a bit Gucci, Valentino and Prada. ESP Prada after I saw and nearly flew out of my chair on this one. It's gorgeous and 90's-esque cool, a little tacky edgy rustic fun mixed with some modern lines.

    Anyone else pick up one of these yet??

    IMG_5291.JPG IMG_5292.JPG
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  2. Such a cool bag, but it looks like the letters on "Milano" are crooked. Is that just do to the photo angles?
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  3. Totally great catch. I ordered this one from Saks. As with the other super high end bags I also ordered this week, it arrived completely smooshed, wrapped in a clear trash bag type of thing, not stuffed and no dust bag. The bag was contorted. That's what threw the letters off.

    Am returning and ordered directly from Prada.

    What's the deal with Saks anyway? Geez!
  4. Ugh, I cannot stand Saks. Their product selection, sales associates, shipping, and customer service are THE WORST. I'm so sorry that it ended up being a waste of time and delayed use of a bag that you genuinely love. It should be perfect for the price we pay, though!
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  5. It's the most bizarre thing. Ordering bags well over 2k and they stuff them in a tiny box wrapped in garbage bags all warped and bent. What a waste. I mean, who WILL actually keep these bags??
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  6. I must say some of there SA'S have pissed me off quite a few times a well. I remember the last time was when I earned a GC for a large purchase. Well once you activate you only have a limited amount of time to use. So I was waiting to activate until I found the perfect time to buy. So I happened to come across a referred SA whom confirmed by text acted he already has the item I wanted. Told me to send him the GC number and he would process in the morning. Welp, lo and behold....he lied and did not have the item. Than he quickly mentioned oh I thought I could get it with locator order but turns out I could not. I told him he should have been sure of securing the merchandise prior to taking my GC number. Needless to say, at that point, I only had a certain amount of time to use the GC, I was so pissed.

    Also, that experience happened along with a few other problems at the same store. So I just stopped shopping there alltogether. That store is known for having a poor selection and most times they always have to get items via locator. Which we all know is pretty hit or miss.
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  7. You would really have to put in a complaint on that. I remember Barneys was legendary for the poor packing with there shipping. Turns out there was lots of issues in the shipping dpmt. It had got so bad that I had bags delivered after being thrown in boxes with no packing at all during one point in time.
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  8. This bag certainly is one of the most interesting Prada bags that have been released recently, although it somehow reminds me of the LV Petite Malle and I prefer the LV a lot more. The LV is unfortunately priced a lot higher than the Prada.
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  9. I agree averagejoe. There are some hardware elements here that are revisionistic of the LV. But the LV is very overpriced IMHO and holds about nothing, and I do wish Mr NG would tone down some of the cacophony with the current logo mixes all over everything. It's young and fun, I guess, but I don't find it to be sophisticated or refined.

    The accordion style on this makes it a bit interesting and it holds actually most of my daily essentials. It's got a bit of the luxe goth grunge embellishing from the 90's which is probably why I am drawn to it. 90's girl. I am seeing if someone can't hunt me down the all white in Italy (of course totally sold out) but in the meantime, 2 color combos arrive tomorrow from Prada.

    We shall see how it goes. Spreading my wings a little here!!
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  10. Tiffani - I did. I logged 2 formal complaints up the chain about the warehouse, but somehow I am sure they will be met with inaction. It's so bad because I don't live close to one, and have to order nearly everything online unless I am traveling and shopping. Saks has great selection, poor CS.
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  11. I totally agree with this. Ordering such an expensive stuffs and getting it in such a bad condition is really waste of money and time too.
  12. Ok! Here they are. Not sure about keeping both. The blue and navy combo is much prettier in person! Caramel and black is an easy decision. Also a pic of what fits inside.... IMG_1469570069.406172.jpg IMG_1469570077.585695.jpg IMG_1469570085.040669.jpg
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  13. Beautiful!!! Absolutely Stunning!!!
  14. Thank you so much!! I've decided to send both back, and be put on the waiting list for the all white one. It's completely sold out, but I think it's the one I would prefer to get. What do you think? IMG_5294.JPG
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  15. YES!! YES!! YES!!! Seriously.... that looks very Royal!