Prada bags with Grommets.

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  1. Has anyone seen the Prada bags with Grommets? I have seen quite a few styles with these Grommets. I am not sure if I love them. I like the nylon small bucket/crossbody. Do you think these bags will look dated in a short time?
  2. Yes! I was in Vegas a few days ago and hit the Prada boutique in Bellagio. They had a STUNNING black, super soft leather tote - smooshy style with 2 handles, and with silver grommets. It was a wow bag!! Thankfully, I resisted! I have too many bags already :smile:
  3. I think it might look dated, and I wasn't really a fan when I realized you can actually see the contents inside the purse. I'm starting to think fringe is a fad too that might fade away at some point.
  4. They had similar bags several years back. I like them well enough but never bought one.
  5. I've seen so many on the secondary market that have holes where the grommets used to be. I'd never buy one for that reason alone, but I've always liked them.
  6. IDGAF if something will look dated in a few years time or not. If I like it I carry it. Some trends can get done to death and reach a point of critical mass before retreating to sane proportions (think spikes). I like spikes but when everybody and their mother started putting them on everything ---whether the esthetic would support it or not-------I backed off. When the herd has thundered on to the next Big Thing I will bring them back out. I personally like grommets. They add an edginess while retaining a certain elevation.
    LMAO at the fringe comment. I can't tell you how many times fringe has come and gone since I first wore it in junior high in the late 60's/early 70's. Same with chokers, BOHO hippy chic, etc. I am still waiting for puka shells to make a comeback though ;):supacool:
  7. Preach it Sister Poopsie!!! :rochard::rochard::rochard: