Practical & Stylish H Diaperbag???

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  1. Just curious if you ladies can help me in finding a diaperbag. I like Pazt idea with the Victoria...pros? Cons? How about the GPT? Lindy?

    Any help would be appreciated:heart::heart::heart:!
  2. Depends how much you want to splurge. I love the idea of the VFT, but it wasn't around when I was "diaper bag" hunting! I currently use the sac acapulco - quite good for the job!
  3. 45 cm birkin (special order) with long handles...or 40cm birkin...or garden party?
  4. The new all leather garden party!
  5. my SA suggested me to use a 34cm Lindy so I am going to try it and I will let you know..once the baby decides to make the appearance :smile:
  6. I'm totally practical and sort of cheap when it comes to stuff like this, so I would suggest one of the Deauville totes in canvas--it's washable, and it has exterior pockets. The one I have (not a diaper bag, since alas I have no diapers to put in it) doesn't have a shoulder strap, but I believe you can get shoulder strap ones. Maybe, maybe not?

    If I weren't so practical (read: cheap), I would definitely go for the Victoria FT though!

    Oh my gosh, Catabie!!!! I can't believe how close you are!! Very exciting.
  7. ^ I have a Deauville that has done the job of Diaper Bag very nicely for two years!! It has the perfect pockets on the side that holds the wipes, and a little pouch that's connected to the bag.

    I've also used a regular GP with great success....having said that, I'm a neat freak...some people wouldn't like a diaper bag without little "compartments" inside.

    If you want to really splurge, ask for a bag with bottle holders etc at the Feb podium. They're offering custom services thesedays.
  8. When my DD was first born i used a Prada messenger bag and a Balenciaga PT moto bag. I think the Victoria would do the Job but i suggest to look for a bag with a longer strap so u can use it messenger style.
  9. I would have to say I´m practical and cheap too when it comes to diapers and doo dads! I would probably just use my Longhamp for diapers.
  10. Garden Party bag will make a good diaper bag!
  11. what about a plume (or is that too small sorry no babys on board)
  12. My friend is using JPG shoulder Birkin...It works just fine for her..
  13. how about a whitebus?
  14. I've used a LV Deauville for a while but I do find it heavy. I love the fact that it has so many compartments and has a washable lining. Most days, I just carry a Longchamp Les Pliages. It's cheap, water resistant and light. I don't carry if I have to leave it on the floor or if I'm caught in a downpour.