Powderpuff, what happened with your mom and her city?

  1. Just saw the post on your Jaune city (gorgeous), and wondered if your mom got her Mastic city issue resolved?
  2. Good question, I'm curious to know as well.
  3. Sorry, I just saw this. She returned it and apparently they don't have anymore that aren't messed up, so I'm trying to help her fine one at NM, Barneys or somewhere else.
    Thank you for asking.:smile:
  4. I'm glad she sent it back- it wouldn't have made her happy. On another note, there's always the sand color coming in the spring to look forward to- i'll bet that's a great color, I'd love to see. I'm already looking forward to spring.
  5. There is a sand? hmmmm. I hope we get a peek at the new colors soon. I really want to see what the 2 pinks look like.
  6. I hope you find a bag she will love. Moms deserve the best!