powder foundation suggestion for oily skin

  1. I'm thinking of getting a new powder foundation (not foundation). I've been using bare essenctual, its okay but its not the best. I'm considering nars. For some of you who have been using nars, how's your experience? And what other brands should i consider?

  2. You mean Compact powder? If you like Nars, you may also like Mac. I also has an oily skin and Chanel is fine to me.
  3. Yes compact powder :yes: . I'll check chanel ;)
  4. MAC studio fix is great
  5. Good question. I've been looking for a good powder foundation or cream to powder foundation with moderate coverage as well. Right now I'm using Neutrogena but that is light coverage. Also have oily skin. Thank you for any suggestions as well.
  6. try benefit get even, works great!
  7. The SK-II cream to powder works very well. My mum uses it, and she's got the oiliest complexion i know!
  8. I like using Dior dual foundation although I can use any powder foundation for my oily skin, as long as I've primed my skin. I currently use Biore's Oil Controller under foundation and it works pretty well.
  9. Palladio makes a very good rice powder, it comes loose and in little paper things you can carry in your purse for touch-ups.

    There are not many colors, but it is so sheer that it will take care of everybody from alabaster to a couple of shades past pecan.

    And it's very cheap, so you can try it and if you don't like it, you are only out about $3.
  10. Ditto...this one gets my vote!
  11. Thx for all the inputs! I will check them all :graucho:
  12. MAC Studio Fix and MAC Blot Powder for touch-ups.
  13. Benefit's "Some Kinda Gorgeous" foundation faker is pretty awesome.
  14. Personally, I try so many compact powder.

    Mac - has full cover-up and make your skin bright but the reality is it is too cakey for me ( from my experience only). I want my skin to breath. I can't refuse that it makes me look beautiful but I have to clean my face at least 4-5 times to get rid of it at the end of the day.

    Clinique - Very bad for oily skin even the Asian line.

    Dior - make my skin even oilier

    Biotherm - Nice color but I don't know why the powder I bought from Japan is totally different from biotherm in UK.

    Estee' - OK but I don't really appreciated it.

    Guerlain - Quite alright but less cover-up

    Laura Mercier - It's the most powder that make your skin looks so beautiful. It is more silky than Mac but horrible. My skin is super break-out at the end of the day.

    Not all chanel compact powder range is great but if you wanna try, try on a new one with black compact and CC logo in grey. You might like it and the compact looks classy and great.

    Everyone has different tastes. Someone needs more cover and someone needs less cover and etc. So try what suit you best and Good luck!
  15. Personally, I use Lancome's Dual Finish and it's been great ! :yes: