pots and pans

  1. i'll be moving into a new house soon that actually has a kitchen! i've always liked to cook, but since i've moved in with my bf, i haven't had a kitchen to cook in. i'm an avid food network watcher too, but they never talk about what pans they use. what pans do you guys recommend? Non-stick and the cheaper the better:smile: (obviously, not so cheap that they're terrible quality)
  2. I use pots and pans made by German company called Fissler! They are durable but not so cheap.
  3. I bought a set of Caphalon pots about 15 years ago. They're sturdy and heavy, the handles are securely attached, you can put them in the dishwasher and they are easily found at department stores. I've been completely satisfied with them. My only dissatifaction is one of my own doing.....I have somehow managed to loose all but two lids.
  4. I use All-Clad. They are not cheap but are worth every penny. If you can only afford one or two get a non-stick saute and a 2 1/2 quart sauce. You won't be sorry.

    This was a very easy purchase to rationalize for me. I love to cook and knew I would be using them everyday. Good luck and keep us posted.

    Emeril has his own line of pans that is similar to AllClad but a bit cheaper. I haven't tried them but I have seen them.
  5. I have a set of All-Clad Stainless Steel. I love them! I had a bunch of gift cards from Macys, so I only put about $100 of my own money towards the set. After I got the set, I started buying other things like the braiser, roasting pan, etc. I agree that they are worth every penny.

    If you love to cook and can cook well, I'd suggest getting a set of all clads. But if you're just starting off, caphalon has some good sets. I also have a few cheap non stick saute pans and cast iron skillets. I would also suggest these.
  6. I am not a fan of pans with non-stick coating. It seems like no matter how much you baby them, the coating eventually starts to chip. I prefer stainless steel. As long as you don't crank the heat up really high on them (you don't need to; they heat up nice and evenly), you won't have any trouble with sticking. I have a set of Ekco Eterna that I couldn't possibly live without.
  7. I love Le Creuset, not the cheapest but last a lifetime & so easy to clean
  8. I'm not loyal to any brand. I haven't bought a set I just buy odds and ends. I have non-stick frying pans by T-fal and what is it, Faberware or something, and heavy-duty stainless steel pots/saucepans. Two are 3.5 quart, 1 is 8 quart and another is 11 quart. I also have two smaller stainless steel saucepans. Right now thats all I need.

    Cheaper is not better, but its not necessary to buy the most expensive. Sets are probably more economical than buying your pots and pans individually, you can probably get good deals in the sales, but it all depends on the type of cooking you do.
  9. If you're a serious foodie, then you will need a wide variety of pans. One non-stick and one stainless steel will be good. Frying meat is better in the stainless and helps when deglazing the drippings for a sauce. A good size stockpot and saucepan, these can be non-stick will help round out your needs. Calphalon is good quality and a good value for your money. Stainless will be cheaper than non-stick. If you go this route, prepare to invest in a lot of steel wool for cleaning. If you get non-stick, buy cooking utensils made of plastic or silicone, that way your pots and pans don't get scratched up and the non-stick surface doesn't get worn away. I prefer silicone, but they are pricier. If you do purchase plastic utensils, remember not to leave them dangling off a hot pan, they will melt into your food.
  10. Totally agree. Just this Saturday, my friend lamented about getting a $60 pot. I was like, are you kidding me? She was like, the Farberware is only $8 after rebate. I'm frugal, but she's so cheap sometimes it kills me.
    I'd do a combo of:
    - Le Creuset - good for casseroles, roasts, etc.
    - Stainless with aluminum or copper core - to maintain heat better - Calphalon Tri ply (similar to All Clad) is decent, but yet, it gets dark stains
    - just 1 or 2 nonstick - because they are easier for eggs, etc.
    Be careful, nonstick ALWAYS comes off and you will have eaten that coating. There is also a rumored link between alzheimer's and teflon. Even if not, you are EATING the coating.
    LMK if you have more questions, I am obsessed with cookware1

    Oh yeah, silicone utensils rock and are awesome for baking too.

  11. Staub Cast Iron Pans! They went on sale at Amazon for 60% off or so a couple of weeks ago and I bought some more.
  12. Get a non-stick AllClad saute pan. No problems chipping at all. As said before AllClad pans are worth every penny. If you cook everyday you will definitely get your money's worth. And yes LeCrueset is fabulous for stews, casseroles etc..!
  13. I'm a Calphalon gal myself. They are solid. I don't use nonstick either. We do have one frypan that is nonstick (it's a cheap generic one) but we only use it for scrambled eggs. Don't go supercheap; you really can tell the difference if you're a serious cook.
  14. I also use all-clad. I think most of the cooks on foodTV use all-clad, and if not it's calphalon. I'd recommend buying online, as you can find them cheaper there than, say, williams-sonoma. cooking.com is one place you can get good deals.
  15. Another vote for All-Clad. When I bought mine I used a coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond. I'm not sure whether their coupons can still be used on All-Clad... But I think it's definitely worth looking for a deal on a high-quality set.