Post your review requests here!

  1. If you want to know about other people's experiences w/ a product, please list it here.
  2. If anyone can please post a review of Strivectin cream that would be awesome! Thank you
  3. I would love to hear about Benefit blushes please! :biggrin:
  4. Anyone try the 4 shadow 500pnt Sephora gift from Kat Von D yet?
  5. Has anyone tried the new MAC Lip Erase?
  6. Please review!

    Does it work for dry, normal, or oily skin?

    Is the coverage medium, full?

    Does it have staying power?
  7. Has anyone tried Yves Saint Laurent 'Mascara Singulier'?
  8. I know Jen did on her blog. She ended up being disappointed with it. The shadows weren't very pigmented.
  9. Any one tried Hypnose Drama mascara? is it really a step up from the regular Hypnose
  10. Would love to see a review of the Dior skinflash primer. Is it worth the $40 price tag? [​IMG]
  11. Why do you guys like YSL Touche Eclat??? Haven't been to Sephora yet, but want to know your thoughts. Lookng for a concealer that is non-drying! Whenever I use concealer it shows my crows feet so I've almost given up. Hear good things but want to know more specifics. TIA!
  12. Hi there! I actually reviewed this product for MUA, and will copy and paste my review of it for you below. Hope it helps! :smile:
  13. Can anyone review the beauty blender(that pink egg shaped foam)?
  14. HAs anyone used the Organic Apoteke skincare line?
  15. has anyone used La Praire Radiance Cream? I really want to try it but at $570, does it work?