Post your picture carrying your Fendi B bag


Jun 7, 2007
Hi everyone..
I'm looking forward to buy my first Fendi B bag, but I'm clueless at which design/color/size to buy...
So, if anyone can post your picture carrying your Fendi B bag to help me figure out will be greatly greatly appreciated. :tup:

I am interedted in this particular design.. but it would be nice to see what is still available out there before I make my final decision. Thanks all! :love:



Building a rainbow
Wenten, if you do a search for Fendi B on the forum, you'll pull up plenty of pictures to give you an idea of how the BBag looks.

Alternatively, check on net-a-porter or bluefly. Those sites usually give you a picture of the bag relative to a model so you get an idea of proportion.