Post your Nordies purchace

  1. It came!:yahoo:It the GH PT white and the Anthracite traveler
  2. :yahoo:
    DSCN3589_2.jpg DSCN3590_2.jpg DSCN3592.jpg DSCN3593.jpg
  3. wow.. those are gorgeous!! Congrats!! do you mind posting a picture of inside the clutch??
  4. both items are so gorgeous. congrats!
  5. wow congrats!! i would love to see the inside of the traveler clutch too! :tup:
  6. the inside
    DSCN3594.jpg DSCN3596.jpg DSCN3595_2.jpg
  7. WoW!!! I love that clutch.:drool: The dividers are great and that size is just perfect for a night out. OK, now I have to have one. Your dogs are adorable J and enjoy those gorgeous new bags!:yahoo:
  8. Super pretty! Congrats!
  9. I love the Traveler. I really hope they will make it in regular hardware.
  10. Wow, congrats! What a great sale! The white is gorgeous! i had never seen a traveler, such a great idea!
    Enjoy them!
  11. Oh wow, great buys! Congrats to you!
  12. Gorrrrrgeous! I love Anthracite and mmmm now I love the Traveller! Congrats!!!
  13. oh man i can't believe i passed up on the traveler!!! congrats greaaaat purchases.
  14. how lovely! :wtf:ive never seen that traveler - is it like a clutch?
  15. Oh I love both of them ! What a great clutch ! The GGH looks beautiful !!
    enjoy them :smile: