Post your New 2012 Legacy items here!

  1. A few to start us off...

    Emerald Legacy Duffle, 19889

    Cobalt Penny Crossbody,19914

    Sunflower Tanner Tote, 19924

    and a family pic so far :smile:
    small but growing
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    Rory n/s satchel in cobalt #19892
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  3. American Icon 19997 B4/CY
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    Legacy Leather Colorblock Carryall...

    Can be worn on the shoulder or hand-carried... 7 inch drop
    Measures 13 x 11 x 5
    "Broken" zipper closure
    Two interior zippered pockets
    Two technology pockets
    One front zip pocket
    One front open pocket (behind zipper)
    Weighs almost 2 pounds

    Sku - 19909
    Color - B4/NY

    I ordered this one and the parchment... got an email that the parchment was cancelled. :sad:

    It was $458
    New Coach 339 (640x427).jpg New Coach 334 (640x480).jpg New Coach 335 (640x480) (640x480).jpg New Coach 336 (480x640).jpg New Coach 338 (640x480).jpg New Coach 340 (640x427).jpg New Coach 341 (427x640).jpg New Coach 342 (427x640).jpg
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    Legacy Duffle in Cognac w/Slim Wallet:
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    Here's the inside and also took a picture of the back. I'm not currently carrying her, but can put my stuff in there for you if you want.
    LegacyDuffleInside.jpg LegacyDuffleBack.jpg
  7. [​IMG]
    Legacy Patricia #10083
  8. group shot of my legacy family :biggrin:
    legacy portrait 001.JPG
  9. Here are my new legacy arrivals
  10. ...
  11. Love
  12. And
  13. 19889 sv/fx. Love love love.
  14. This one is smaller than I expected - here she is with my scarlet Willis for comparison... 19925
    image-4257259153.jpg image-3409622242.jpg
  15. New Legacy Colourblock Leather Patricia in Navy Multi