*********Post Your DECEMBER Purchases Here!*********

  1. I've been wanting to get this for a while but always put it off for something else, since I heard there phasing the multicolor out I decided to get it before I couldn't. I'm gonna use the milla as a wallet, :heart: it!!! image.jpg
  2. Great choice!!! I'm using mine SO much more than I thought I would - I just love popping it on my shoulder!! :heart: Congrats, the white is so pretty too!
  3. Here are my beautiful preloved December purchases. Miss artsy mm and zippy compact wallet. Thanks very much to Forespec and lovlouisvuitton for your help with authentication! You women are amazing and very kind to help us out! Happy holidays ImageUploadedByPurseForum1387517531.369997.jpg
  4. Stunning!!
  5. Those are nice, useful, and thoughtful purchases. Congrats! Happy Holidays!
  6. Yes, nothing exciting but both very useful! Happy holidays to you as well!
  7. Thank you!

  8. Thank you!! :smile:
  9. Today my other half gifted me a diamond Mont Blanc fountain pen, I treated him to a new Mulberry wallet as LV didn't have the one we wanted and I treated myself to this today
  10. I'm so in love with logomania scarves! This color is stunning...
  11. They are lovely, I totally forgot to pick one up yesterday when I was in. My other half said it's actually the nicest scarf that LV does
  12. Slowly adding to my collection. The pochette cosmetiques arrived today

  13. The color is very beautiful indeed.
  14. I love December and I love Christmas!!

    This is Part II of my Word Traveler collection. I also got my luggage tag and Zippy Compact Wallet hot stamped (not shown). Still waiting for my mon mono order!

    Toiletry 26
    Monogram Map Square in Maroon

  15. Which wallet style do you like best?