Post your candywrapper items here :D

  1. I didn't see any thread with candywrapper items, so I decided to make my own. Post your candywrapper-made items and ideas here
  2. image-369051804.jpg

    I'm going to try to make an extremely long starbursts wrapper chain
  3. i always thought these would be fun but i don't think i have the patience for it.
    can't wait to see what you end up making!
  4. image-170719831.jpg

    Tada!! :biggrin:
  5. That is really cool! I would never have the patience lol
  6. I've seen coin purses made out of candy wrappers and thought they were cute & colorful! I would not even know where to begin!
  7. Im going to make flats soon :heart:
  8. great cheap way of adding color to your wardrobe on a budget.