Post your BROOKLYN LIGNE pieces here!

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    Please post photos and reference info {price, color, style # . . . } in this thread.
    As always NO chatting or commentary!
  2. Brooklyn Cabas Style
    Patchwork Patent leather and Lambskin
    Color is Black
    Tag Reads: Large Tote Bag
    Model # A35933y04621
    Price: 2,995
  3. Brooklyn Cabas Style Hobo
    Tag Reads: Camera Case
    Black Patchwork Patent leather and Lambskin
    Model # A35929y04621
    Price: $2,695.00
    BrooklynCabas2.jpg BrooklynCabas.jpg
  4. Chanel Brooklyn Patchwork Cabas Tote!!!!
    Model # A35933y04621
    Retail Price: $2,995

    In the car....

    At the office....

    On ME!!!!