Post Valentine's Day Reveal

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  1. Anyone around this rainy (at least in my neck of the woods) afternoon for an unexpected shopping trip reveal?
  2. Me :biggrin:
  3. Here!!
  4. :couch:
  5. Pretty quiet here this afternoon. Must be everyone is out shopping :biggrin:

    Today's shopping trip was a little unexpected. Hubby had given me a fantastic surprise in a blue box with my breakfast yesterday and I had just bought an Eva two weeks ago so colour me surprised when he said we should go shopping downtown today.

    We had been chatting about the price increase which seems like its going to affect the leather more tuhan canvas this time (anyone see the website glitch on the Sofia Coppolla?). So when we got to LV he said he wanted to buy me the bag I had been wanting for my birthday later this year.

    So here we go.
  6. Please excuse the messy room

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  7. Starting with the big box (the little one is a little something I got for hubby while we were there)

    Any guesses?

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  8. Two boxes?! Ooh let's see!
  9. Show me show me:yahoo::woohoo:
  10. I've wanted this bag for a while but wasn't sure of which colour. Was going to decide closer to my birthday but with the timeline moved up I had to make a choice today, which turned out to be fortuitous on a couple of accounts.

    So happy to introduce my new Empreinte Artsy in Infini.

    I so love the way the colour changes dependant on the lighting!

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  11. Pooh congrats ! My dream bag it's so beautiful :smile:
  12. Beautiful, congrats! What did the hubby get?
  13. My SA confirmed that Infini is being discontinued as of March 1 so it made the choice between Infini and Terre so much easier. I'm so glad I did go with the Infini.

    The small box was something that caught my hubby's eye while we were shopping so I couldn't let him go home empty handed.

    It's the new Press It bracelet for men with palladium hardware.

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  14. Beautiful! It's on my list.
  15. Thanks. It's even better in person than all the time I scoped it on the internet 😏


    I can't say enough good things about it! I hope you get a chance to check it off your list one day soon!