POst up your receipts of your purchases

  1. Hi there,

    I've been searching for a chanel classic bag for a while and it hard to find if the receipts are real or not on ebay.

    If you have made a purchase at a chanel store would it be possible to post them up here, so others can see what the real receipts look like in each country.You can cover the price if you like.

    I am just curious about the format, they all seem to be different.

    I haven't made a purchase at chanel as yet in Oz, so unfortunately i can post one up. But i can show you one of an LV bag.


    We can all learn from this and have better time at authenticating bags and receipts
  2. I would watermark your pics, girls!

    Someone will hijack these to use to pass off fakes on Ebay!
  3. DEFINITELY watermark those!! This is a scam waiting to happen on eBay!
  4. Yes, it's very risky to do that.
  5. Please watermark, i don't want to see this receipt on ebay.