Post pictures of your/your kids pumpkins!!

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  1. I wanted to share my Halloween pumpkin.


    Just having a little fun. Decided to do a diorama instead of carving.

    So, who else did one this year? Post pics!
  2. Awww, that's so a scary way of course :p

    You know.. I've NEVER carved a pumpkin in my life :sad: My family never really celebrated halloween as I was growing up so we never did it! Even though I love halloween now I'd feel a bit silly carving one all by myself hahah! Might just do one for the hell of it & put it out on wednesday though!
  3. Love it!!! Yes post more!!!!!
  4. Very creative!
  5. That's an awesome pumpkin!
  6. That is so cute!
  7. Standard jack-o-lantern complete with visual sharpy mark..
  8. We did ours today...nothing special. My kids just wanted the traditional jack-o-lantern faces.
  9. You should. That's so sad that you've never carved a pumpkin! It's a lot of fun.
  10. Sometimes those are the best. ;)
  11. My SO randomly purchased a pumpkin at the market today. He carved a ''spooky'' skull. :smile:
    sketch.JPG pumpk.jpg
  12. sweetpea, i think my SO and i used the same book you guys used!:nuts:

    my SO and i have no kids, but we decided to be dorky and go pumpkin picking anyway. we visited a farm on long island and walked through their corn maze and then picked some humungous pumpkins. then my SO carved pumpkins while i baked pumpkin bread (yummy!:yes:) here's his work:
    DSCN1407.JPG DSCN1409.JPG
  13. Selenas...are awesome!! I have to harrass her and get her to post pics...
  14. the pics are great...i love halloween

  15. Yeah, I think we did use the same stencil book! I do recall looking at that witch one. We too don't have any kids..but my SO thought it'd be cool to get one. Now I have to get my cat to pose next to it for some pics. :love: