1. Who as the luck to have already a birkin with this look?!?!? floopy, slouchy, used, "avec patine"...
    I´m working hard to made all from my collection to look like this...

    P.S- Thanks jaegerlehomme for the advise, it´s WORKING!!!! anyway still have to use them a lot , be very unawared, and who knows oh god, no please, just kidding!
    1593.jpg %250HERMESjanebirkin1.jpg
  2. O:huh: this is good. I don't have any but I would love to see this!!
  3. will post pics of my floppy used up, stretched orange birkin later....okay, now this sounds dirty already...:p
  4. can´t wait!

  5. i would love to see some pics...
  6. YES!!!!!! This is what I'm looking for in a black Box Birkin if I should ever be so lucky to find that's been around the block a few times and well-loved!!!!
  7. I would love to see vintage bags - is there a thread for that? or would this be it??
  8. okay here she is....mrs FLOPPY orange togo birkin 40 including free batwinging:smile:
    and NO I dont mistreat her, she just likes to chill, compared to her other compagnons...

    (okay, to be honest: she is a slut and loves to show it off as well, but shhhhhhh haha)


    (sorry for my outfit!)
    DSC00471.JPG DSC00472.JPG
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  9. You don´t have to apologise for the outfit, actually I love to use navy stripes T-shirts or tank tops with my red one. It´s a shame you took with the cell, the colors:S, anyway, she´s still a bit new like mine...not used one like poor mrs.lohan loool, but it´s on the right way to become even moreeeeeeeeeee slouchy, and yeah oranges they are such a show off sluties:tup:

  10. dude, I am working on it!
    now show pics of you with yours! we are birkin borthers-we have twins, I just realized that!

    yeah for orange togo 40 cm!
  11. :drool:

    You are very attractive
    oh and the bag is too!

    he he
  12. thanks a ton, you make me blush...

    and my birkin? naaaa, she never blushes...she knows she has the attention anyways...

    hee hee:yahoo:

  13. suki suki
    hennaria try to take pics w/ a cam the colors will show up much better that i can really drool although i am already

    loving the batwings;)
  14. hennaria I found this of my gold one, but it still need a lot of work on it... It was open that´s why looks a bit more like we LIKE
  15. sorry i don't have one...but i love the title lOL!