Post Pics of Diorama WOC

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  1. I just ordered a black pebbled calfskin wallet on chain from my SA I'm super excited for it to come, and wanted to see some photos of it, as I haven't seen many of it!
  2. Congrats! Once you get it please show us :biggrin:
  3. For sure!
  4. Have you received your diorama woc? Can't wait to see it. Please post detail photos and modelling photos. Thanks.
  5. I haven't! I'm debating whether or not I still want it. I scheduled to pick it up during the first week of August. However, my SA sent me photos of it modeled on her, as she is my height. It's in the smooth leather, though. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1469320564.643084.jpg
  6. It falls just nice on her height! :amuse:
  7. This version is the Diorama Croisiere wallet, not the WOC. I like the WOC more because it isn't as elongated and is actually wider on the sides.
  8. I was confused about this. I think you're referring to the wallet on chain pouch. Even though this is the crosière wallet, when I asked to see photos of it from SAs at the NY Soho boutique and the one in San Francisco, they sent me a photo of this. I tried to ask if there was a pouch version that was larger, but they sounded confused and responded with, "Oh, do you mean the clutch?"
  9. The WOC is considered a pouch, but at the same time, the W part of WOC means wallet so it is technically a wallet. It is hard to compare it with Dior's pouches because the Diorama WOC is not the standard Dior pouch size (unlike the Miss Dior, Tribales, and every other pouch that came before it).

    Did you want the WOC (pouch) more or the Croisiere wallet more?
  10. I think these are the diorama woc. For me,,, I like this type more than the one on modelling pict from your SA.
  11. I wanted the pouch more, but I don't know how to go about asking for it. Is there a model number or some other way of identifying it?
  12. These are stunning, and look like they definitely fit much more!
  13. Here is the reference number: S0328PVRG
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  14. These are beautiful! I love the colors you chose. Would you mind sharing what they can hold? Thank you!
  15. Sorry Havanese28,, these are not mine. My SA send this pict to me. I'm still waiting for black or red diorama woc.