Post ebay/website Hermes finds

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  2. NIce! User - I think Luxury Zurich has/had that Barenia/toile/palladium Birkin for just under retail. Get it!
  3. Gone, was a beautiful 28cm HAC and someone (not me!) grabbed it while I was thinking about it. I had just bought my sweetheart 32cm Box HAC so I couldn't justify two HAC's in less than a week!!!! Good price too. Beautiful bag....
  4. User, great finds! I yearn for such a birkin....the 35 is screaming "buy me buy me"...but the piggy bank is shouting louder "noooooo"

    Th:wlae:is is an awesome thread
  5. ^^ authentic and incredible!!
  6. That fuschia croc Kelly is TDF!!! And 88caviar is supposed to be great to work with!
  7. You are enabling here. :graucho:

    I'm trying to keep myself from getting this bag.

    I have fully changed my mind about croc after seeing this bag.
  8. Mmhm!! It's definitely gorgeous! But I think I like the way fuchsia shows on porosus croc more though. The markup is close to 12000 on this one though. I was told that a niloticus croc in 28cm currently retails for $16K or so.
  9. I know- I am terrible:P But I am just a sucker for exotics, and especially in fuschia! But I do agree with Kou, this bag has WAY too high a mark-up! If you want it (:graucho:) I would go through your SA! No need to pay that much over retail for a bag- well, unless you WANT IT RIGHT NOW! :yahoo::whistle:
  10. i would like to get fuchsia porosus croc in a Kelly 28cm,now the trick is to get on the list for that one. I've been told that one may have to wait years for it as each boutique is only allowed 1 or 2 croc orders per podium so when there's a big list, it can be a while. I hope they continue to make fuchsia!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.