possible to make a size 12 dress smaller? like to a size 4?

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  1. So i found a beautiful Valentino dress on eBay. It's sooo gorgeous. AND marked down from $10,000 to a few hundred!! :nuts: However, there's only one and it's size 12. I'm a size 4, give or take. Is it possible to alter it to be my size. I know there will be lots of extra material but that's ok, it will make the dress poofier, right? Or would it just look weird? Thanks for the help..!!
  2. With that large of a size difference, the proportions would probably be "off" once it was sized down.
  3. you need to find a great tailor! or maybe even a dress maker who understands pattern making to size it down. try going to a bridal shop and find out who does their tailoring
    but i'm sure it is going to cost an arm and leg, maybe even as much as the dress
  4. I think you may need to change the whole style of the dress at this big size difference.
  5. No, it's highly unlikely that you could successfully tailor a dress that drastically.
  6. it's possible, I purchased a size 12 Armani Prive dress (found at an estate sale) and had it sized down to a 6. The tailor I used was well known for patternmaking and revamping dresses. He was able to get all of the detailing sized down - not loosing any of the draping affect the dress had. It took him about 3 weeks to do it, because he did most of it by hand, but it turned out great. I still wear it.

    Like another posted, you will have to find a GREAT tailor or dressmaker and it will cost you.

    Good Luck!
  7. IMO not worth it
  8. I agree completely. My friend does some amazing things as a hobby tailor but it's all by hand and she only does a couple projects each year. It's definitely not impossible but it will take time and money.
  9. think about this: people buy wedding dress many sizes too big, because it's the only one in the store or for whatever reason, can't get their size. They get sized down to perfection for the bride.

    So, if someone can work on a very detailed wedding dress (with lace, beading, draping, etc.), fear not, your dress may be worked on too.
  10. I had a BCBG gown sized down from a 12 to a size 4. I knew the seamstress, who makes wedding gowns, so she only charged me $50 but the dress had so many intricate details that I felt bad for her afterwards. She had the dress back to me in 10 days, too.
  11. my wedding dress was altered significantly and no one could tell. it does come at a price though so it should be worth it.
  12. I had to have my prom dress taken down 3 sizes, and it cost a ton! You would have to have the dress pretty much made over...Im sure they can do it but it will cost a lot of money.