Positive SA experience today! includes new sunnies photo!

  1. Today I went to Neimans for a last wahoo before my surgery tomorrow. I was feeling the need to be surrounded by all things fabulous! LOL!
    The SA I had originally bought my Grand Shopping tote from was there and she was really good before. . .
    I tried on dang near everything in the boutique and asked some questions. I told her thanks and then left.
    I moseyed over to the suglasses becasue on Big Thunder at WDW my Cavalli sunglasses flew off:cry:
    I ended up buying some new Chanel sunnies. I tried hard noit to get this pair because they're splashed all over every tabloid right now {Denise Richards ones} and I know another tPF Member has them, but they fit SO GOOD!
    While I was paying I noticed that the braiding and a little thread was loose on my BRAND NEW LUXE FLAP!!!:amazed: :shocked: :sick:

    I payed and headed over to the Chanel SA to ask what I should do and right there she plucked a new one out of the window and told me to fork the damaged one over!
    This is the bag I bought from a different NM that I exchanged for the one she sold me!
    I couldn't believe the service I got from her!:heart:
    I should believe it because for that kind of money, we should get crazy phenomonal servioce, but usually we don't!

    Anyhow, wanted to pass that on! LOL!
    She had black and coral luxe bowlers as well, black in both sizes. Also a white Reissue, can't remember the size, med or large.
    Ahh, the worst part, no Cambons on sale and none expected to be :sad: and they had a TON of them!
    DSCF1500.jpg DSCF1502.jpg
  2. Wow, that is great service! Love the glasses.

    P.S. Good luck tomorrow, Swanky!:smile:
  3. Thank you, I appreciate it!
  4. oh those sunnies look gorgeous! congrats.. i love it when SAs are GOOD. makes the entire experience so much more joyful.
  5. Super Cute sunnies Swanky! Good Luck tomorrow!! Your gonna be looking :graucho: with that new chanel, sunnies, and tummy!!
  6. They're gorgeous! good pick!
  7. Those sunnies are adorable! Best of luck tomorrow and we all look forward to talking to you again!
  8. Love the sunnies.I love Chanel ..they are the only sunnies I will wear!
    I remember going to Neimans the day before a major surgery(hysterectomy) a few years ago...amazing how shopping calms your nerves!(but kills the checkbook!!)At least that was the only time PHH said...SHOP AWAY! Good LUCK!
  9. I love those sunnies! Good luck tomorrow!
  10. love the glasses, i have the same pair. :smile: they look awesome don't they? hehe .
  11. love the new sunnies, Swanky... all the best! and you'll be home soon enough to enjoy ur new sunnies!!! ***hugs***
  12. Love them!! Congrats on a good purchase!
  13. I love the sunnies!!!!! Enjoy them! They're gorgeous!!!!! Good luck today! Hope everything goes well!
  14. Love your CC's .and Best of luck with your surgery ;)
  15. I'm so glad you received great service and the sunnies are beautiful ... I want a pair now! Good luck on your surgery and take care!