Posh & Becks Reality Show?

  1. Posh & Becks have only been in LA for five minutes but they are already in talks to star in their own TV show. They’ve been asked by US channel Fox to make a flyon- the-wall series called Living With The Beckhams - like The Osbournes only with less swearing.
    A source said: “At the moment neither David nor Victoria are majorly famous in the States. But starring in their own show on one of America’s biggest channels would catapult them to instant stardom.
    “OZZY and SHARON OSBOURNE were watched by millions and bosses think a show on the Beckhams could be just as good.” David, 31, and Victoria, 32, were in Being Victoria Beckham and The Real Beckhams, in the UK.-fox
  2. I would love that! I hope it all pans out, and they sign a deal.
  3. I wouldn't mind a show about the Beckhams.

    I watched a reality-style documentary they did a few years ago (I think it was called "The Real Beckhams"), and found it very entertaining. :balloon:
  4. I'd watch it just to see her closet, even more than I want to see her DH!
  5. It's a low thing to do(considering they are A-list celebs oversea), but if they want to make it here, it's a good idea.
  6. I'd really like to see this. All the other Docos I've seen of them really do show a different side especially of VB, she's witty, funny, friendly and caring. It is strange how she comes off in public so differently. Oooh I so hope this happens!
  7. I would watch it for sure!
  8. Me too! Hope they decide to do it.
  9. Hi, Ive watched Being Victoria Beckham and The Real Beckhams about 7 times LOL !, I had to endure it on a filight to Greece and it was painful, although entertaining the first time round :nuts: I think people would get fed up with a long run reality show.
  10. I almost hope they don't. At least not right away, anyway.

    They couldn't move to California quietly. They couldn't choose a house quietly.

    Apparently they're going to throw a huge, England themed party in L.A.

    It's almost like they have to do everything with such pomp and circumstnance.

    Ideally, what would happen is: they'd find a house, quietly move to L.A., take a while to settle in and THEN maybe think about doing a reality show or something.

    But one thing after another after another is just all too much.
  11. *Sigh*

    This just totally proves that David is moving to the US just to play soccer right? I mean, this is a TOTAL surprise!!:rolleyes:
  12. I hope they dont. Itll make them seem tacky...LIKE the osbournes!
  13. Bring in the cash is what they are doing!
  14. Oh yes! Posh is a true Superstar of the Shopping Arts, and just the thought of cameras following her around stores all day is absolutely mouth-watering!
  15. Um if this means I have more chances to swoon over David, I'm in!