Portrait Of A Family

  1. Dressed in their Sunday best, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale take their dapper 10-month-old son Kingston to Los Angeles church to celebrate his christening.
  2. lovely!
  3. Wow! How normal!!!
  4. Gorgeous family. They're all sooo cute.
  5. OMG they are the cutest family ever!!
  6. cute!:smile:
  7. beautiful!!
  8. that is a beautiful family photo:yes: :yes:
  9. Beautiful family
  10. Such a good looking and stylish couple!
  11. They all look lovely!
  12. lovely picture, it's nice to see such happiness.
  13. dang that gavin is hot
  14. Gorgeous! Thanks for posting!
  15. They all look so wonderful.