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  1. Does anyone know where i can see pics of the portabello its being released oct 1st and im not sure if i want this or the speedy b but i heard it looks like the delightful. Tia
  2. image-3546514599.jpg

    I think it looks more like the Sully..
  3. Me too. I'm gonna pass on Portobello.
  4. I can't wait to see it. The only deal breaker for me would be a thick strap like the sully - I'm hoping for a delightful type strap.
  5. Yea, w/ a think strap like the Sully and since it's treated, that gotta be hard. :nogood:
  6. The strap should soften with use. I used to own the Damier Hampstead MM and always thought the straps were hard and stiff, turns out I just didn't use it enough so I sold it and have since repurchased it again. I travel with it nearly every week and the straps are much softer and broken in than the first time around.
  7. O My goodness! I am glad you mentioned the hampstead. i just got back from Lv and tried this bag on. I love it! I still am deciding between this one or a DE nf gm but this bag is more unique. Do you feel this bag can be casual or dressy? Thanks! :smile:
  8. I think it can definitely be both. I have the Damier NF as well and consider it more casual weekend bag where as the Hampstead looks professional when I need something more structured.
  9. Thank you! I want to use this as my fall/winter bag. In rotation with my other bags of course but right now the only DE bag i own is the Eva . Which is to small for everyday. I am torn here...lol. I mostly wear jeans and knee high equestrian boots in the winter time so i am not sure which bag would look better. any thoughts? :smile:
  10. The Hampstead is perfect for that. I loved it back in 2008 when I first bought it. Then I went on this crazy LV buying spree and thought I didn't want it only to miss it enough that I purchased it again last November. I also like the expandable snaps on the sides if you need more room. I personally think this bag will look classic for many years to come.
  11. I think I would prefer the Hampstead over the new Portobello. From what I can see in the picture above, the hardware on the Portobello looks a little on the 'skimpy' side. I like the hardware on the Sully over and above what I can see on the Portobello (which isn't much from what I can tell) and I think the Hampstead is a better looking bag overall. Have fun deciding!
  12. Thank you!! Yes, i love the sides also. Glad you got a new one. You do not see this bag around much. Thats what i like about it also. I think i have made up my mind. I am calling my SA tomorrow morning! You were a big help! :smile:
  13. I agree!! Not really loving the new portobello at all. It just looks boring to me. Thank you! :smile:

  14. Is portobello's release date for canada also october 1st? thanks