Pore Solution???

  1. Okay ladies...my sister called today and asked me if I knew of a product or procedure that could help her reduce the size of her pores. I am clueless. I looked up a few products online, but they seem to be geared more for concealing pores under makeup and less for resolving large pore issues. Does anyone here have this problem or know of a good remedy? She has combination skin and very large pores on her t-zone and cheeks. Please...help a sister out! :smile:
  2. Thanks redney! I will pass this along. :smile:
  3. This might seem extreme, but Differin (by prescription) does an outstanding job of decreasing pore size. I never had any acne or anything growing up, but did have issues with my pores. I finally went to a dermatologist at 22 when I went on a new birth control pill that DESTROYED my skin for about six months (biggest mistake ever). The doctor, in addition to telling me to stop taking the birth control, gave me differin and my skin has never been better. It's really gentle and you can even wear it under makeup, or during the day w/o any makeup at all.
  4. From what I've heard, products can make pores APPEAR smaller, or temporarily reduce them.. but not forever. Again, that's what I've HEARD. I find that using Queen Helene's Mint Julep mask really helps my huge pores shrink for a few days. I can't speak but wonders about this mask, I should get paid!
  5. Thanks ladies! I will pass that info along. Missmustard, I keep seeing stuff about that mask...I think you need a commission! I am going to get her some Philosophy products for Christmas so she can start taking care of her skin, which might help the pore situation, but she can definitely look into the Differin and Queen Helene's as well.
  6. It's expensive but I love the Natura Bisse glyco peel. that helps me some. The Queen mask mentioned earlier made mine appear larger but I am much older - 46. So that may make a difference.
  7. I've found that Neutrogena Pore Refining cleanser and toner along with Clinique's pore minimizing moisturizer work well. It might be overkill to use 3 products, but it works for me.
  8. cliiques pore products are great I use their pore minimising mask- I dont think there is any product that you can buy that will permantly decrease pore size they only have temporary effect