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Mar 5, 2006
I have read a lot of posts about people's dissapointment with the Poppy line. It seems like some folks are kind of overgerneralizing what this means regarding the direction Coach will be taking in the future. There is almost a panic that some people have in thinking that the Poppy Collection is representative of what will dominate the Coach lines in the future. I am very confident that this is not something we need to worry about. I think we might see a continuation of lines similar to the Poppy Collection but it will by no means dominate what Coach puts out. I really think there was a need in the Coach family for that bright, in your face, edgy and young style. When I look back on what Coach has produced there hasn't been anything like it. Now when I say that it is a young and teen-like style I don't mean that only young girls can carry it, but I think it is safe to say that is the demographic they were targeting. I think Coach will continue to foster a better relationship with this demographic but I don't think we need to worry about Poppy-ish lines taking over. After all, it is us "older" women with the money to supply these "young girls" with their Poppy!:P

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Dec 15, 2007
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I was just reading this article


and this sentence confused and worried me a bit:

Poppy is supposed to help move the entire company back to what Frankfort calls a more comfortable place, which at Coach means an average price of $290 for a handbag.

I'm all for a cheaper alternative, but I would like for the quality to remain the same...

Why oh why can't they just bring 06 Legacy back?! :balloon:



Aug 21, 2008
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ITA that this will NOT be taking over even 1/4 of what COACH's mission is. I think they took the opportunity when it arose to hit the younger demo they thought they had, when I think they had it all along!

I'm 32, so by NO MEANS the target for this line, from the pic's I thought I'd REALLY like it, because my style is a little IN YOUR FACE (when I'm dressed UP) but it was NOT to be. It's not the designs that I didn't like, but when they told me I'd need to wax the zipper to keep it from sticking the day I BOUGHT a Poppy bag I thought to myself "I don't THINK SO!" I returned the bag to the outlet on the way home!!!

Now, do I think it lack's in quality? NO. Do I think it lacks in quality in regards to what us seasoned Coachies are used to? YES!

We'll see if they do it again, somehow I think that IF THEY DO debute another line of Poppy or something similiar they won't go quite so OUT THERE as they did this time. Afterall, all I think they need to get the younger gal's is SIGNATURE JAQUARD and a few bright trims and that will do it.

Is this to say that I won't BUY a Poppy bag when they get to the outlets? I may, but it would have to be a really GREAT price and I'd just buy it for an everyday lug around bag with no hopes of longevity. <--spelling???

PLEASE, to those of you who love this line, I have NO INTENTIONS of posting this to offend you in ANY WAY!!!!


Aug 21, 2008
Eastern Iowa
MISS EVY, I agree that it would be nice to get back to those prices. Here is MY WORRY. I just read the stuff about the REED bags a few days ago, and what worries me is that the usual COACH designs are going to go into the REED line which will be expensive, and the Coach bags will turn into a glorified Kathy VanZeeland!!!
I don't think there's anything wrong with KVZ bags, but if they try and split their target demo in half they may just realize that some of us don't want to be on either side of that fence and we'll disappear all together!!!


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Apr 25, 2009
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I like the small items in the Poppy line- not so much most of the bags. I have seen people of all ages wearing the Poppy line and it always makes me excited to see them in the wild but they aren't my style. I'm really liking some of the new fall styles (garnet, etc.) Hopefully those will be more the direction Coach is going.


Aug 5, 2009
I saw a girl carry the (multicolor) signature Spotlight bag once, I thought it looked too cute on her. But when I went to the Boutique, I still cannot get myself to wear it. I think the only bag I liked from this collection was the Groovy (I'm thinking about getting one in the future). I tried so hard to like the little things (like wristlets) but for some reason that gold Coach patch is too much for me.

I can't wait to see the Fall line, though. I'm totally excited about that.


Oct 11, 2007
I love how Coach talks about lowering their price points... problem is the quality is going down with it. The leather on alot of the newer bags is thinner & dare I say feels cheap. I'd rather put that $290 towards a more expensive, higher quality bag.


Feb 8, 2009
I liked a couple of the bags from the pictures....it was when I saw them in person and felt the lower quality that turned me off. I have seen girls carrying these bags and they look very cute...I agree with Sissabelle and would rather plunk that money down on something of higher quality. I really think most of these bags should be priced between $100-$150 full price.


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Feb 17, 2009
I think their aim is simply to have more bags available in the under $300 price range.

I would imagine it's pretty hard to do that with the great leathers they usually use, along with great workmanship, so they came out with a new line.

There are still plenty of fabulous leather Coach bags available, but they are in the higher price ranges, $400 - $600 & over.

Personally I think they overdid the Poppy displays in the boutiques. Two of the three I've visited lately were almost nothing but Poppy, with a lot of patent in bright colors and almost none of the beautiful leathers we love. The third boutique had Poppy displayed here and there, more proportionate to what is really available, and the store was much more interesting to shoppers in general.

I would be surprised if Poppy didn't hit the outlets in large numbers, because I think they over estimated this market niche. Yes, we wanted less expensive bags, who wouldn't? But obviously bags from this price range will be of lesser quality, there's no way around that.
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Aug 25, 2006
I love how Coach talks about lowering their price points... problem is the quality is going down with it. The leather on alot of the newer bags is thinner & dare I say feels cheap. I'd rather put that $290 towards a more expensive, higher quality bag.
:goodpost: I couldn't agree more!
Nov 26, 2006
Coach is a business. And like most businesses, especially in this current economic state are going to do whatever they think will maximize the success and profitability of their business. I believe that they are trying to appeal to all demographics. Coach knows what their doing, I'm sure. They have been a successfully run business for decades. And while we may see more inexpensive lines appear, it is likely we will also see more exclusive and expensive lines appear as well. Not too mention the mid range products.

I also feel coach wanted to spunk up some of their lines and modernize it, while still keeping many of their classic shapes and styles.


Feb 25, 2008
I'm pretty sure Coach will always make the higher priced bags. I think the article meant that they will be producing a lower priced line so there will be a bag that's fit for everyone.