Poppy Love.....

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  1. I have fallen head over heels in love with the Poppy Groovy....

    I do not tend to carry alot with me.. never did.... and I detest heavy bags... (I know some girls love large and/or heavy bags... and more power to ya... I hate big, bulky, heavy bags... LOL)....

    I carry barely anything with me.. Nothing more than a few cards, money, incidentals.. I don't tend to wear makeup, so I don't carry any (tried before, just did not work for me.. ).... sooo, a smaller bag is just perfect... but I was always afraid it would look too small, like a kid's bag.. LOL.. and I am a larger woman...

    But the Poppy Groovy fits the bill PERFECTLY....

    Here is my newest Groovies (I got TWO..LOL) and some accessories I got to go with them..

    For the cold, winter, SNOWY months:

    The Black/Silver Lurex Poppy Groovy


    Love that shiney Signature pattern...

    To go with her:

    Coach Heritage Black Signature Kisslock


    The Coach Waverly Black/Silver Wristlet.. I love these Waverly Wristlets..


    and a Poppy Mini..


    and and I can not forget about my LadyBug Fob that has taken up residence on this particular bag..

    You can see it in the first picture.. Here she is again..

  2. And, for the Spring/Summer/WARM months..

    Poppy Groovy in Khaki/Magenta..


    And you can see my Teddy Bear Keyfob that I will be displaying on her.... Cute.. so Cute...

    and to go with her..
    Another Heritage Stripe Signature Kisslock...


    and a IKAT Pink/White Signture Wristlet.. (got this off the Bay for a steal of $27)


    and a matching Poppy Mini...


    And this concludes my presentation of my most recent aquisitions...

  3. Love your new Poppy Groovy bags Tamy!! I wish I could carry a smaller bag from time to time but, when your wallet is actually a clutch, it's kinda hard!:P

    Love your Groovy bags and accessories. This bag is so functional and fun, especially the removable crossbody strap.
  5. Love all your Poppy goodies! I have the waverly zip around wallet and LOVE it! The material is awesome! Congratulations!!!
  6. I have the khaki/Magenta groovy and absolutely love her to death! She is just so sporty and fun. And I like that she is a smaller bag and has the cross-body option! I can't wait to use her for Spring/Summer!
  7. I love the Lurex version! So cute. Congrats!

    I too have very few items in my bag. A mini wallet, a camera, a cellphone and maybe a lip gloss. I have more medium and small bags than huge ones.
  8. These are both lovely bags....I especially love the licorice silver one!! :smile:
  9. Hey Tammy, I love all of your goodie's..You always match everything nicely....If you don't mind, where did you get the Black Sig. Kisslock and the Poppy black mini skinny...Also if you don't mind how much...I'd like to get both..TIA:smile:
  10. So pretty. Congratulations on your lovely bags and accessories.
  11. Just you wait til' you get my package...more accessories for the GROOVIES!!!!
  12. cute stuff! super groovey!
  13. Love your groovy's!! They make great swingpack type of bags!!
  14. Wow, I love how you have a winter and summer version!
  15. Hi Dawn...

    The Kisslock I got at the Outlet the other day... I forget what I paid, but it was under $40.00..

    The Poppy Mini I got at the FP Store... $48.00 if I remember correctly.. I love that MINI.... :nuts: