Poppy is here!!! but is it me???????

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  1. Well,following on from yesterdays saga , Poppy is here . She's fabby but so very different for me. Will post pics later and let you all decide...
  2. Yay, great news Flossie. Looking forward to seeing the pics. She certainly does seem different for you, but more importantly, how do you feel about her? 'Different' in a good way, or 'different', not sure yet?
  3. "Different" in a nice way . She looks young and funky especially as today I'm just in my Sweaty Betty's and Uggs. Not so sure about my normal clothes tho..... She looks fab with the black dress I had on yesterday... But will have to look at my wardrobe.
  4. Matching sweaty betty and black dress - that sounds pretty versatile to me, but of course I'm a Bays and Roxy girl myself and still have to reach out to other designs (some time, but not so soon ...).
  5. I think you are stylish enough to really rock a Poppy,come summer,big sunnies,cute t'shirt,nice loose black pants,you would look amazing!!!

    And I just love my Sweaty Betty yoga pants,oooooooooooo so easy to wear!! And look cute with trainers if I have to run round to the shop!!
  6. Well I can manage the big sunnies...... I probably wont use it during the summer so it's only winter things really....
  7. I think that the good thing about the Poppy is that, even though it's a bit rock'n'roll, it kind of goes with any outfit. I think it looks just as good with a classic trench coat & knee boots as it does with a leather jacket & jeans. But obviously you have to feel comfortable with it. Give it a few days and see how you feel :yes:
  8. Thanks ditab,it is lovely and so light .
  9. Have you got pics yet? I'm sure you'll look the business, Poppy is gorgeous :smile:
  10. Flossie, you would look so incredibly wonderful with a Poppy! That was the whole point of this purchase - to come out of your comfort zone & go for something different.
    It's the same with me & Roxy, it's such a different shape & colour to what I'm used to. I'm just back from a business meeting - I wore black long boots, black knee length full-ish skirt, black top, sunnies & carried Roxy! God, I felt faaaaannnntastic!
  11. Flossie - post pics!!! Bet you look fab!!
  12. After bribing youngest boy with any amount of coke and junk food for tea , he quickly takes the pic . Looking a bit weathered just got in from town and its chucking it down....

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  13. Looks great Flossie which size is that
  14. Just the original poppy , not the large.
  15. [​IMG]

    Looks fab Flossie. Really cool :woohoo: