Popincourt Versus Batignolles Horizontal

  1. I'm looking to get a LV shoulder bag and I have been looking at both the Popincourt Haut and Batignolles Horizontal. I like how they both look, but it would be nice to see how they actually look on a person holding them. So if you would care to, could you please post pics of you holding either one of these bags. That would be so awesome. :flowers:
  2. i have the Popincourt Haut, and will be getting the Batignolles Horizontal soon (hopefully). the Batignolles Horizontal is significantly bigger than the Popincourt Haut though, although they're both absolutely beautiful bags.

    i've seen a photo of ayla carrying her Popincourt Haut somewhere on this forum. and she just got a Batignolles Horizontal too. so you can ask her!
  3. Had the same debate 6 months ago, and decided on the BH (liked the size and less rigid structure of the bag better!) Here's me, holding the winner!:smile:
  4. ^The bag looks great on you.
  5. go the Batignolles Horizontal i totally love big bags!!! And i love the Batignolles Horizontal i hope to get one soon!!!
  6. Aw thanks! :shame: :flowers:
  7. Theres quite a few pics here of gals holding both bags. Maybe do a thread search. Swankymamaof3 has a pic posing with the BH and ayla has a pic posing with the PH. Hope this helps.
  8. I looked at both the other night, they are awesome! The pop is a little smallish, but does have a zipper. The BH is a great size, but just has a latch closing at the top.
  9. Thanks everyone!! That bag looks so good on you andrea.
  10. Hihi, I'll take one later of me holding both the bags, but here's a comparison photo for now as to how they size up against each other.


    The three at the back are the BV, BH and the PH, I really like the carried on the shoulder style of bags and I think they're all great !
  11. OT- but I really like the jacket you're wearing!
  12. Thanks for posting the pic Ayla. You have such a beautiful collection there.
  13. Aww.. thanks ! It's taken me the better part of a year to get here. :shame:
  14. You have a great collection, ayla!
  15. Alright, as per request, both the bags being worn. Please excuse how it looks like I have muffin top.. embarassing !! And for reference, I'm 5'0, so if the BH looks silly large on me, it's just cause I'm silly small. :yes:



    Hope that helps !