Popincourt Haut size

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  1. Can anyone tell me if the Popincourt Haut is quite a bit smaller than the Cabas? I'm finding my Cabas Piano is too big for me and am hoping the Popincourt might be just right?

  2. The measurements for the cabas piano are: 12" L x 9.8" H x 5" W while the PH is 10.6" L x 9" H

    It's a little shorter, but I think it looks more compact as well since it's got vachetta edging.
  3. that's exactly what I need - shorter. Thanks Ayla!
  4. I went to look at the popincourt haut and the size is nice.
    I also tryed on the cacas and it was ok nothing great.
    But the popincourt has such a nice zipper.
  5. No prob, I hope you get one, I love mine so ~ :love:
  6. Ayla I posted a Popincourt auction in the authenticity thread part of the board. Would you mind checking it out and seeing what you think as you have a Popincourt already? Thanks!
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Done, it's authentic, and I've also left you a reply in your other thread. ;)