Poll +++ which pomme wallet should i buy???


Which vernis wallet do my tpf'ers desire the most (in pomme)?

  1. zippy wallet

  2. snapped billford & coin purse

  3. koala wallet

  4. ludlow

  5. porte-tresor international

  6. pochette wallet

  7. french purse

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  1. hi ladies and gentlemen!

    this will be my first vernis purchase, and i've decided to buy a wallet in pomme (my fav). i love all the styles, but i'm indecisive, so that is why i've come to ask my trusty tpf'ers what their favorite verni wallet (in pomme) is.

    please vote for which wallet you like the best, not the wallet you currently own.

    thanks a bunch!!!
  2. I just love the zippy wallet!
  3. ludlow! I have one in pomme and its gorgeous.
    I love how compact it is and even though theres no bills spot i just roll them up and put them in the coin part because its so big
  4. The zippy is my favorite ... I love the way I don't have to worry about anything falling out and I can fit a lot of things in it ... great for traveling too.
  5. I have the snapped billfold in epi and I love it. It has a large easy to use coin pocket and the two sided billfold makes it easy to get bills in and out of the slot. I like that the wallet is smaller and a minimal type design - no extra stuff to it.
  6. I love the Ludlow and the Zippy, but I am holding out for the Zippy Coin Purse in Pomme.
  7. Personally, I'm a big fan of the French purse and its separate coin purse. I always have a hard time getting coins out so I like this one!
  8. I would definitely get the ZIPPY.

    POMME + ZIPPY = GORGEOUS :drool:
  9. I have a pomme zippy and I love love love it. I want a pomme zippy coin purse too, if and when, it would be great for my smaller bags.
  10. i picked the Ludlow im wishing for that one for christmas. Good Luck.
  11. I just love the zippy in that colour- well in pretty much every colour/texture but in pomme:love:
  12. oh i hope you get the ludlow for Christmas; i'm kind of leaning towards that one too, only because i want a vernis wallet that can fit in my montaigne clutch. However, i stuff my wallets w/ plastic so that's my only concern with the ludlow.
  13. The pomme zippy is absolutely stunning. Second-place would be the French purse.
  14. French Purse is my favorite, I love the kiss closure it is so feminine!
  15. The zippy in any color vernis is TDF!!!!