Poll: What 3/4 bags would you say are a good start to a Chanel collection?

  1. Classic bags or from new trunk show pictures; large or small.
  2. Classic Flap, Reissue, Petit or Grand Shopper and Medallion Tote!
  3. a little of everything.

    We're all sooo different so the ideal start is subjective.
    For me personally,
    it's the Luxe Flap {since I don't care for Classic flaps for myself}
    casual roomy tote {I chose the Vintage Ligne Tote}
    structured tote like the Grand Shopping Tote

    I am trying to make sure I have the staples before buying duplicate colors as well, like now I have a brown, black and a dark white bag, next I'd like a navy or red.
  4. i like how swanky is categorizing it, so i'll follow suit.
    for me, the must-have classics are the reissue and the classic flap.
    then, for work, my choice of structured tote is the cerf tote.
    for casual wear, i like the square vintage ligne tote. for night or dressier times, a fun bag (for me, it's my lady braid satchel) like the ritz patent or the crackled patent flap.
  5. If you are getting four bags, I would advise choosing three from the Chanel classics--classic flap, reissue, GST, medallion tote, cerf tote--depending on your needs. You can't go wrong and they'll never go out of style. Then choose just one of the trendier, newer bags, depending on what appeals to you.
  6. Buy what you love! I agree with the others about buying classics. Flap bags are a sure bet....different sizes, different colors, even types of leather (caviar/lambskin) and chain color. Many choices, and always chic.
  7. I agree with the above posts. I am trying to collect a well rounded, versatile collection too. I have a black Cambon tote, black jumbo caviar flap, black Diamond Stitch tote and my recent Luxe Bowler in Dark Silver.
  8. Buy what you love. Don't rush it. Its always good to have at least one classic in a classic color. After that... Its such a personal choice. Good luck.