Poll to request MAM in Emerald


Bring back the Emerald MINI Morning After

  1. Original hardware

  2. Custome Hardware

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I've been wanting for longest time. Maybe if there are enough of us, we could request it from Rebecca. Perhaps a limited edition amount. Only the same emerald green(not the evergreen) with the updated gold hardware.

    Count me as one!:tup::drool::upsidedown:
  2. Count me in! I'd buy one if it came out in the Emerald color with the custom hardware!
  3. That's a fantastic idea! I would almost certainly purchase it.
  4. I would be clicking on that so fast I'd injure a finger! And, really, I don't care about the hardware if I could just get my hands on that color.
  5. I had the Emerald MAM but sold it. It was a great color but somehow not quite as all-out fabulous IRL as I had been expecting. However it was one of those sample bags that took FOREVER to ship so I think I just got over it and obsessed with some other bags while I was waiting. :smile: I am sure she will do another green soon and maybe it will be even more gorgeous!
  6. ^Awww you sold it! May I ask what is was about the bag that didnt have you head over heels in love with it?
  7. Hmm. I wonder if RM would accede to such a request. If she did, then we could do one for the wine Matinee, navy MAM, dark grey Matinee and just about every other HG RM bag...which would significantly lower the brand's cachet...