Poll: Speedy or Alma???


Ivory Speedy or Ivory Alma?

  1. Ivory Speedy

  2. Ivory Alma

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have a TON of speedys but only one Alma. Should I get another one? I think the monogram looks best in the Speedy while the epi looks more elegant in the Alma and more casual in the Speedy. What are your preferences? I am considering this for the new Ivory Epi!
  2. go for the Speedy!! I'm not very fond of the shape of the Alma.
  3. I thought Ivoire Speedy was HOT!
  4. I really think both the speedy and alma look gorgous in ivory. I would suggest since you have a Ton of speedy, that you should go with the Alma. I really like both bags, so its hard choice. But my vote is for the alma. post pics of which ever bag you get.
  5. I would have a mono speedy and black epi alma! I saw a member with a picture of her black epi alma and it made me want one! LOL. I think it's very versatile..classy and chik and works well with suits and jeans!!!
  6. speedy, i just dont like the shape...
  7. Get the Alma since you have so many Speedies already.
  8. Alma!!
  9. My vote goes for the Speedy :love:
  10. I'm partial to the speedy but since you have a lot of those already, I would suggest an alma for you :yes:
  11. Alma!
  12. Speedy!!!
  13. Argh, I like them both. But as you already have many Speedys, go for another Alma :yes:
  14. Another vote for speedy!
  15. Speedy!