Poll Results!! Did I Buy The Bag You Voted For? *PICS*

  1. Hey Yall! :smile:

    I previously posted a thread (with a poll) asking what Monogram bag I should buy.

    The poll ended with the following votes:

    Cabas Mezzo = 20 votes

    Batignolles Horizontal = 30 votes

    Beverly MM = 51 votes

    Popincourt Haut = 18 votes

    Did I buy the bag you voted for? *Hmmmmm* :sneaky:


  2. :woohoo: TAKE IT OFF!!
  3. I bought the ............. BEVERLY MM!! :choochoo:



    THANK YOU to everybody who helped me pick this bag.

    I hope 2008 is a GREAT YEAR for each and every one of you!! :heart:
  4. YEAAHHHHH!!!! You bought it! It looks sooo great!

    Now where are the modeling pics? :graucho:
  5. OOOooo. WOOOooooooo.... LOVE IT LOVE IT!!
  6. Congrats, very cute! :tup:
  7. Congrats!!! LOL you listened to us.Great choice!
  8. Lovely bag- congrats! The pleating/ hardware combo is gorgeous!
  9. I love it!
  10. woowow.... nice choice..:tup::heart:
  11. What a beauty!!! Congratulations on a lovely bag!!!

    Fab choice!

  12. Congrats!:yahoo: What a great way to start 2008:party: Model pix?
  13. Beautiful bag! Lol, on an off topic note the "hey y'all" made me think of my favorite host on food network... Paula Dean!
  14. Congrats!~!! I love Beverly MM, it is my favorite monogram bag (I haven't bought another mono bag since I got mine in May 2007!). Enjoy, it is a beauty! :smile:
  15. I didn't vote for the beverly but either choice was nice. congrats with your new bag! I think the MM is the perfect size