Poll: Grenat or Black Work


Grenat or Black Work for ehmmm work!

  1. Black

  2. Grenat

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  1. I decided to do a formal poll here since this is rather a investment for me. :smile:

    I wear alot of black, brown and cream colored suit
    Jeans on weekends. but this is mainly for work.

    I want to buy from Aloha for the best price $1275 but they have a pretty steep restocking fee if i have to return/exchange. I am concern with the veiny-ness of stuff...

    Another option would be from Nordies, they *may* price match with aloha but I'll have to pay tax. :sad:
    And they don't have the grenat!!

  2. I voted for grenat because I think it goes well with more clothing (both black and browns/earth tones).
  3. Get the Grenat because the color is limited...Balenciaga always makes black B-bags.
  4. fayewolf i voted for grenat because although it is a color i feel it goes with a lot and is more interesting than black.
  5. Grenat !! :yes:
  6. fayewolf, i think either color would "work" great for you (pardon the pun!!!) :P...i only chose black, because i've gotta black work that i adore :love:...but grenat is one of the most gorgeous colors ever & is definitely my fave for fall!!!
  7. I vote for grenat... Also, the people at Aloha are VERY helpful, I think if you ask they will send a close-up of the grenat they would send you... Asking never hurts, right? Good luck!
  8. Either choice is a great one! I just bought a black work and cannot wait for it to get here already!!! If this is your first Bbag then maybe get the grenat b/c you can always find black. I would want to see pictures before I bought so I would definitely ask for pictures! Good Luck!
  9. I was just going to post my new "babies" - the Grenat Weekender and Black Purse.

    As far as the color ... I LOVE :heart: the Grenat!!! Then again, I'm not a "Black Bag" person per se; I just got the Black Purse because I didn't have the Purse style in my collection (but I must say the leather on the Purse is wonderful!!).

    I agree ... you can ALWAYS get the Black color!
    2006 Pre-Fall Grenat Weekender - BESTwtmk.jpg 2006 Pre-Fall Grenat Weekender - 1wtmk.jpg 2006-1 Black Purse - Bestwtmk.jpg 2006-1 Black Pursewtmk.jpg
  10. Cee-Jay that grenat work is bee-you-te-full!
  11. ooooh, the grenat is very yummy looking!!!

    Anyone know who carries Grenat Work? Prefer Saks or Nordies.
    Aloha won't get it till end of august. :sad:
  12. CeeJay- I love both of your bags!!! The Grenat is stunning and the black purse is equally as stunning!:love:
  13. wow, CeeJay, your 2 new babies are absolute knock-outs :nuts:...the grenat is TDF & i've never seen a black purse, it's gorgey!!!
  14. I voted for Grenat because it looks great with brown, black, cream and jeans which is what you indicated you mainly wear. Grenat is a really beautiful color to have in your Bbag collection. You can get a black later.
  15. I think Grenat is a hot color. You're definitely going to be able to were that at a number of occasions.