POLL....Do you prefer Speedy 30 or 35 and Why?......

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  1. Would love to hear everyone's take on this.....seems like this is the "age old" question.
  2. 30, definitely. It's just more proportional to my frame.
  3. I have both and I love both. I use 30 more in spring and summer and 35 is for autumn and winter.
  4. Samesies. For reference, I'm 5'5".
  5. I am 5'4" and the 35 seems huge on me! I have a 30 that I use in the winter, and a 25 that I use in the summer and spring. Sometimes I wish I had gotten my 25 in a 30, since I use it the most on summer travel.
  6. For the classic Speedy I prefer the 35. I'm 5'6" and I don't think it looks big. I love the wide opening too. For the Speedy b I prefer the 30 because I don't like how the strap pulls up the sides and kind of collapses and squishes the 35 when you carry it. It loses its shape. And for some reason, the 35 b looks luggage-y to me with that strap.
  7. I thought I was a speedy 30 girl until I bought my first speedy b 35 and fell in love. I really like the opening and don't mind the slouch. I am a petite girl, but love big bags. I ordered the speedy b 30 in mono recently and exchanged it for the 35 because the opening seems so small now. It's hard to go back to 30 once using a 35. With that said, I do however own Speedy b 25 and really enjoy this size as well....as long as I'm down sizing for the day.
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  8. I like the 30
  9. I prefer the 35, despite me having a 30, since it suits my 5'10" frame better and would be able to fit my everyday things more comfortably. When my mom gave me my Speedy at the age of 12 everyone thought that I would stay around the 4'9-11" range like all of my female relatives...pfft, yeah that worked out well.
  10. 30 is the biggest I can carry without it feeling and looking too big
  11. 35 I'm 5'8 so 30 looks to small but that's just my opinion . I almost want the 40 though :0
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  12. I love the 30, but I want the 35.
  13. I own the 35 and I absolutely love it! I am only 5'0, 140 lbs :sad: I just felt like the 30 opening wasn't large enough for me. overall, the 35 is perfect for me in my opinion
  14. I'd prefer the 30 because it suits my frame better. The 35 would drown me. Also, I don't carry much with me so the 30 would be a better fit.
  15. I'm 5'6" and LOVE the Speedy B 30. I like big bags and this is roomy enough for all my things without feeling like I'm carrying a piece of luggage. Good luck in deciding!