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  1. a) you are loyal to ______ (fill in the blank) hardware. now and forever.

    b) you used to love _____, but now you only love ______.

    c) diverse. you aim for a diversity of hardware in your handbag collection.

    d) it depends on the color and style of the handbag.

    me: i think i'm in the B category. i used to only love gold hardware, but now i'm wanting to swap it all out for silver.
  2. I'm C and D! I currently have 4 Chanel bags and hardware is gold, silver, ruthenium and silver (in the order of purchase date, lol!) :biggrin:
  3. a) i love gold hardware
  4. Ruthenium for bags, gold for SLGs
  5. I'm definitely a 'd'-have a variety of bags in different hardware colours, just depends on whether I like how it suits the colour of the bag!
  6. C and D!
    I have a lot of GHW, but I love silver and other hardwares too, depends on how they look with the bag. I feel like it is an overall ¨look¨.
    I used to think only gold hardware looked good with red bags, but now I see silver and RHW can look fantastic.
    Hardware is really like the accessory or jewelry for the bag, and it can totally change the vibe.
  7. D, open to whatever hardware looks best with the style and colour, but my go to hardware is silver
  8. I think I am A. I prefer silver and ruthenium HW
  9. C and D!

    I have silver and gold hardware bags and would like to eventually own one in ruthenium too (if I ever get around to buying a Boy). I think it definitely depends on the bag.
  10. I am B, used to like gold hardware, but I much prefer silver. I think silver adds a youthful touch to the bags, whereas gold is a bit more formal :smile:
  11. I love silver hardware and all three of my Chanel items have silver hardware. The next Chanel bag I purchase will have gold hardware.
  12. I'm a lover of anything BUT GOLD......
  13. Hmmm...

    A in that I usually prefer Silver or Ruthenium
    D in that it also depends on color & style.
  14. C and D...if I love a bag the hardware is secondary, I would not pass on the bag because of it.
  15. Mainly D! It really depends on the colour of the leather to match the hardware...i have rhw and light ghw so far. Normal ghw feels a lil too strong for me...my least favourite is silver