POLL : casual daily watch CARTIER OR ROLEX (no bling)

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  1. The 34 airking
  2. Me too!
  3. went to check out my options again....and im gearing toward these two : (still undecided)

    36 SS/rosegold oyster band pink face with dia markers and fluted bezel ($10,000+)


    34 SS airking oyster band pink face with dia markers/roman numerals and fluted bezel ($6800)

    whatcha think? (i like the airking price - LOL)
  4. i prefer cartier normally but i think i like the rolex better
  5. Airking!
  6. I love rose gold, but on a Rolex I only like it in the fluted/jubilee combo for some reason. Casting my vote for the Air-King.

  7. somehow the airking i was looking at was in fluted bezel (looks like if it comes with dia markers, it only came in fluted bezel)...funny, this thread started out with NO BLING but i still ended up cbhoosing the ones with dia markers :biggrin:
  8. Yes, you can only get the diamond markers with the fluted bezel because that bezel is 18k white gold. Same with the Datejust.
  9. Cartier
  10. I think Roadster is more casual ---> Than Ballon Bleu
  11. Rolex, hands down!
  12. Go for Rolex! I had the same dilemma: Ballon bleu or datejust. I decided to get a Datejust! It's for every occasion. For me is the Air King to small and when you get a Datejust you can change your dial of the watch later, they have sooo many beauties and the Air King has only a few :P ( it doesn't cost so much to change it :smile:
  13. This thread is from 2009....
  14. Cartier
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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