POLL : casual daily watch CARTIER OR ROLEX (no bling)

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  1. Both watches are beautiful, I think the ballon bleu is very unique looking, it's really gorgeous IRL. For the value of money, I'd go for the Rolex. If you don't already have a Rolex, go for it first & get the Cartier later on.
  2. Another vote for Rolex.
  3. I like white gold or platinum watches(no diamonds) for every day both in Cartier and Rolex. They are not as blingy as yellow gold and half the time I don't think people really know if they are really gold.
  4. I pick Rolex as casual daily - it withstands more abuse, a very 'hardy' watch lol. I have had Cartier, and was afraid to bang it against anything, and thus did not wear it daily. It was a YG Tank Francaise. I did end up cracking the sapphire on the set-screw (oh what the heck is the name? The piece that pulls out to set the time. Gads I'm gettin' old and senile!~)

  5. i agree
  6. thanks guys!

    i have yet to try the cartier BB -- i am afraid it will be a tough decision!
  7. Definitely the Rolex. That Cartier Roadster is nice, but the other model doesn't do it for me. But I am a Rolex girl, anyway!
  8. Well, pazt I slept on it and I am casting a vote for the BB! I'm basing my decision on obviously my preferences but also your distinctive diaper bag & other action pics of yours I've seen - timeless yet distinctive.

  9. thanks crazy4french -- im leaning towards the cartier mself just because i have 2 other rolex watches and i have yet to own a cartier. DH has a cartier SS roadster chrono but im not considering matching him either.

    then i later flip to getting a rolex because i want a rosegold/SS watch:P
  10. Cartier BB, but only like it in 1 tone. Rolex all look the same, same old boring design.
  11. OK, tried on both watches -- and i am going for rolex (i think, for now)....but im very confused now as to which rolex to get. so many choices :

    34 airking SS with pink face and diamond markers oyster bracelet and round bezel
    31 datejust SS with pink face and diamond markers oyster bracelet and fluted bezel
    36 datejust SS/everose with black face and diamond markers oyster bracelet and round bezel

  12. -I personally don't like the look of a fluted bezel with oyster bracelet. I'm going to go with the pink Air King.
  13. Definitely Rolex.
  14. Love the Airking, I didn't know that they were available with pink dials !

  15. YES - pinkdial w/ diamonds along with roman numerals! so cool (but the diamonds are a tad smaller than the regular dia.markers to give room for the numerals....so cool!
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