Poll: Baby Cabas vs. Square Vintage Tote vs. Luxury Tote

  1. I can only get 1 more Chanel this season, and I'm torn between the following:
    1. Baby Cabas in black
    2. Square Vintage Tote in black
    3. Luxury Tote in black deerskin

    I already have Goatskin Luxury Flap, Reissue Medium, and Outdoor Messenger Tote, all in black. I also have 4 Balenciaga Cities in various colors. I'm looking for another Chanel for everyday use. I dress mostly business casual for work (theory pants and button downs, with lots of cashmere sweaters), and jeans on weekends.

    Please list the 3 from above in your order of preference. Thanks so much!
  2. 1 in Teal
    2 NOT in BLACK
    3 in bronze
  3. 1. baby cabas in black, white, or khaki
    2. luxury tote in bronze
    3. SVT
  4. 1. SVT
    2. Small Cabas in Khaki
    3. Lux Tote
  5. i may be biased. but SVT in black, as I use it and LOVE IT and it's great for everyday!!
  6. 1- Baby Cabas in bronze
    2- Luxury Tote
    3- SVT
  7. 1. Square Vintage Tote
    2. Luxury Tote
    3. Cabas
  8. same as above^
    1. square vintage
    2. luxury
    3. cabas
  9. i agree, same as above
    1. square vintage (i have this and LOVE it!)
    2. luxury
    3. cabas
  10. 1. Baby Cabas
    2. Luxe Bowler
    3. SVT

    Even though I love the bowler to pieces, I'm definitely falling in love with the baby Cabas. Plus, I think it would be great for you since you're looking for a bag for everyday (and to take to work). So it's perfect if you need to throw some extra stuff in there.
  11. 1. Luxury tote
    2. Cabas
    3. Vintage tote

    I love the luxury line!
  12. Luxury

    Every time I take out my Luxury bowler I am instantly happy! The Luxury line is amazing and timeless.
  13. lol...you sure are in love with BLACK bags..since you wear business casual to work all the time..why not spice it up with a COLORED bag. Like a bronze?? I think you shold get a bronze lux bowler. I dont like the SVT and the cabas looks good only in teal IMO.
  14. I love all three, but I'm going with the following:

    1. Black Baby Cabas (so cute!)
    2. Luxury by Chanel Bowler (the black metallic is gorgeous!!!)
    3. Square Vintage Tote (it doesn't thrill me as much as the first two)