Political question about downtown store

  1. Lets say you are longstanding customer of the uptown store, but you live and work downtown. Are you expected to build relationship from scratch downtown (including the requisite financial outlays) or do you come in with any good will from being uptown client? Certainly the store must have some idea of how they want to handle the "cross overs". Forgive me if this is a really stupid question. I suppose its easy for a customer whose SA moved too, but what about where thats not the case. I sense there are at least a couple of folks here with some insight on this, so please PM me if you have any advice.

    Last question - are the two stores able to share merchandise, or if something is uptown, does it stay uptown? Just wondering.
  2. Well...I can give you my thoughts, but I say NY members...where are you??? Maybe your feedback will be most helpful and precise!
  3. I can't speak for NY but I know that here in California the BH and SCP often ship things back and forth for good customers.

    I would hope you could just transition to the location that is closest to you and that would enable you to get there easier and probably be able to spend a bit more time at the store since you are closer to home, which equals better sales overall for Hermes.
  4. Please forgive my ignorance since I do not live near a boutique, but would the new store see a record of your purchases at the uptown (or potentially, any other) shop? I would hope this would prevent you from having to 'start over' downtown - it certainly makes sense to begin frequenting this new boutique if you are right in the neighborhood! Best of luck! :smile:
  5. Given that they are both corporate stores, they should be able to move merchandise between stores. If you know you want something, you SA will search for it and if it happens to be located downtown, then inform you of it. I've had bags shipped form Boston, Dallas, and maybe SF....to my SA...

    Yes, they can just look up you purchases as long at they were not in a franchise store and see you buying history.
  6. Why don't you find yourself a SA that you can work with, then casually mention that you usually shop at the uptown store, and mention some of your favourite H items that you have purchased in the past?

    The SA should know immediately that you are an H affectionato and that she should LATCH on to YOU for future potential sales....
  7. My husband and I were in the Atlanta store recently, and I was buying him a wallet for his b'day. He couldn't find exactly what he wanted in the store, but the SA, who was super nice, looked on his computer and found the one DH wanted and had is shipped to us from another store.
  8. P.S. I should add that we are infrequent shoppers, and haven't built up a relationship with any particular SA, but at the ATL store they have been unfailingly nice to me and hubby.
  9. It's still early, but I think they will transfer merchandise if need be. I would ask your SA in the uptown store to refer someone downtown and take it from there. Yes, I feel we're going to have to establish new relationships in the downtown store.
  10. I suppose I could just talk to my downtown SA directly about this, too. If you have to start from scratch in building your brownie points, its almost not worth it. In all due respect, Hermes esp in NY, as nice as the people are and as great as the product is, they can make it challenging to be a customer sometimes.