Polishes you regret not buying

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  1. We all have them: LE nail polishes we were eyeing and didn't buy, that we can't buy anymore.

    Right now I'm sad about the YSL Savage Summer collection. The only place I can find it now is ebay for literally twice the price, and I'm wary of fakes so I won't even entertain the idea of buying it there.

    Tell me yours.
  2. Ooo I love this question! :biggrin:

    Pretty much all the Chanel polishes I missed buying (before I started collecting), the after-market for Chanel polishes is so expensive. In particular- Jade, the Russies, the Tokyo glitters... I wasn't old enough to be buying in the 90s but there are some amazing colours from then that I would've loved to have (Ciel de Nuit especially).

    Dior Exquis and Apparat- old LE holiday colours.

    Weirdly I'd like to hunt down the OPI Russian collection polishes I didn't buy when they came out... I loved that collection but I was only a teen and OPI polishes were $20 each in Aus so I couldn't justify it *sigh* if only I had known about ebay then LOL!
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  3. Chanel Gold Fiction is the other one I missed out on and still wish they would re-release.
  4. I regret not buying a 2nd bottle of Chanel Azure :sad:
  5. I can't remember the brand, but I remember seeing a matte pale pink tone that was gorgeous but rather expensive. To this day, I can't find a color that matches the shade I want. :sad:
  6. I regret not trying the Dior holiday polishes years ago. (The bottles are cute, but tiny. I like the formula and small brush.) The colors in recent yrs have not been original, but some of the unique, older polishes have become all-time favs, so I'll occasionally splurge for old bottles.
  7. Not to be an enabler or anything but . . .Lord & Taylor has YSL Night Escape (72) in stock now. I just placed an order! :smile:
  8. Omg yay! If only they had savage pink too.
  9. I really regret not getting Feu De Russie and Or De Russie when someone found then in a shop a few years ago. I only ordered Nuit De Russie, thinking I wouldn't wear the other two. I've gotten them since, though. No current regrets :smile:
  10. When I didn't get Dior Bay at the airport in HK and went for Dior Vibrato....I thought I can get it in Japan or here back in Europe. But now I can't find one lol The searching will continue.
  11. 2 bottle on Ebay UK x
  12. They would be over five years old! I can't believe anyone would still sell them. Probably fakes.
  13. People are always selling off old polishes, especially when they brought them for retail price 5 years ago and now they realise they can sell them for 3 times that. Im sure at some point i will sell my collection and some of my polishes are way way older than 5 years.
  14. I have Chanel polishes that are from around the time Gold Fiction came out that are experiencing serious separation.
  15. Give them a really thorough shake and they should come good! I have Chanel polishes from the early 90s all the way to present day and as long as you keep them in a cool dark place and the cap tightly screwed on, they should last forever...
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