Polished darwin??

  1. Was in John Lewis today and there was a chocolate coloured bayswater that looked like shiny darwin leather. On the label it said PolishedD. Anyone else seen a bag like that? It definately wasn't printed/ congo or patent!
  2. Would it be their new name for Antique Glace?
  3. No idea- it wasn't smooth like I assume antique glace is, it was grainy like darwin but shiny! I expect it'll be a great leather for NOT getting watermarks etc. Whatever it is I'd like to see a bag in oak made from the same stuff!
  4. I was in the Mulberry shop in NYC yesterday and I think I saw what you're referring to. It was smoother and a bit glossier than the usual Darwin, but not uber-shiny like patent. The hardware was shiny gold instead of antiqued brass, which just seemed weird to me. It would be a good look for slightly more formal or conservative use, but I still like the original Darwin/antique better.